Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

If you are looking for the best area rug cleaning in Atlanta, we are you right choice. Just like your carpets, your rugs are magnets for dirt and germs. Fine oriental and specialty rugs require special care, and Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta does the job right. We understand the origins and construction of high-quality rugs. We offer home pickup and return delivery on every rug cleaning. At Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta, our rug cleaning specialists make sure your rug is cleaned to the highest standards with proper protection.

Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are crafted using a number of techniques, but all quality rugs are hand-knotted. They require special care while cleaning. We have the most technologically advanced equipment made specifically to clean Oriental area rugs effectively and thoroughly. We specialize in professional treatment, restoration and preventive care of all types of Oriental rugs. Our deep knowledge of rug types, weaving, dyes and cleaning methods ensure that your precious oriental rugs are treated with the appropriate techniques and handled with the utmost care. The cleaning procedure begins with inspection to figure out which cleaning technique is best for the rug, from hand-cleaning to dry extraction to an aggregate submersion cleaning process. Next is tidy evacuation by means of our duster vacuum or compressed air. We then pre-wash every rug utilizing exceptional spotting systems, shampooing as well as weight washing.

Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Oriental rug cleaning process

  • The rug is checked for damage, stains, wear and color stability. The client is reached with point by point data on the rug, how it will be cleaned and the cost.
  • The rug is dry dusted and made tidy.
  • The rug is vacuumed on the two sides to remove soil, dry dirt and particles.
  • The rug is pre-conditioned.
  • The rug is submerged into a rug washer for washing.
  • The rug is flushed, extricated and prepared.
  • The rug is forced dry by high pressure air flow.
  • The rug is checked for re-fringing and securing fraying sides.
  • And finally the rug is packed and prepared for delivery.
Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Oriental Rug Repair

Are you searching for rug repair near me? Well we are here to help you by bringing new life to your fine rugs. We repair all types of fine rugs like Persian and Oriental rugs. Using only the very best craftsmen and rug weavers, we specialize in a traditional hand rug repair service for Persian, Afghan, Turkish, Silk and Antique rugs and carpets. From small rug repairs to a full Persian and Oriental carpet restoration service, we offer the complete service.
Our Atlanta rug repair specialists can repair and reestablish your rugs by reweaving, wrapping sides, chain-sewing closures, or fixing and including new periphery.

Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Area Rug Treatments

  • Pet and Odor Contamination Removal
  • Fringe Repairs
  • Water Damage & Mold Cleanup
  • Application of an environmentally friendly protective barrier

At Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta, each client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that we provide the highest level of customer service as well as quality services, such as rug cleaning, repair and restoration. Our growth and success is due to our dedication to excellent customer service and superior rug cleaning and repair services delivered in Atlanta GA.

Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

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We can clean, refurbish, seal and ensure each kind of flooring in your home including; carpet, wood, floor cleaning, travertine, marble, slate, Saltillo tile, area rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, furniture cleaning, deodorizing and anti-allergen treatments, repair water damage, pet stain and odor removal.

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